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Bitossi Industrial Archive

The Bitossi family an attempt to preserve and valorise the historic memory of this company has been collecting, over the years, the equipment printed documents and ceramics items produced by the factory and Colorificio Colorobbia. The Archivio Industriale Bitossi (Bitossi Industrial Archive), which spreads over seven rooms in the historic Colorificio building near to the factory. All the documents are stored in folders while the instruments and ceramics items are displayed on metal shelves. One section is especially reserved for the design and artistic phenomena in the modern-day ceramics sector developed by the Bitossi factory from the nineteen-fifties onwards.
The ceramics and documents forming part of the Bitossi Archive have been produced in chronological order, initially from the Egidio Bitossi (1861-1920),  then “Maioliche artistiche Guido Bitossi” factory (1921-1937), then from the “Manifattura Cav. G. Bitossi & Figli” (1937-1976), and finally from the “Manifattura ceramiche artistiche Flavia” (1976-2008), which is now Bitossi Ceramiche.
Currently have been inventoried and catalogued 5480 ceramics plus another 1000 are pending cataloguing.
The Archive continues with the research, collection and classification of the Bitossi productions through purchases from the market and also from the new productions.
This collection also includes ceramics and documents from other factories, in particular, from the Florentine ceramics area. The section dedicated to the Florentine ceramics factories of the twentieth century houses a collection of ceramics, documents and photos from the Italica ARS factory of Lastra a Signa, Florence. Its artistic director, Ferrero Mercantelli, therefore decided to select an important nucleus of ceramics still present in the factory which was representative of the production as of the nineteen-fifties. Thus the idea was born to create a historic archive, however the serious economic-financial crisis prevented the company from establishing this initiative directly in its factory.
In order to safeguard this heritage, the Vittoriano Bitossi Foundation became involved in 2010 since one of its statutory purposes is precisely “the preservation and valorisation of the history of artistic ceramics in the Florentine territory", acquired then by the Foundation Bitossi.
The cataloguing and inventorying of the items has been carried out by art historian, Marina Vignozzi.
This heritage is also made available for temporary exhibitions in compliance with the terms and conditions established by a special loan agreement.








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